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FREE if you try Pure SEO CMS

The basic CSS generator is free when you have Pure SEO CMS installed; even the free version.

Uninstall this website builder and the CSS wizard will not let you save the files you create.

Upgrade for extra designs

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Purchase for only £15 UK
(approx. $29 USD , €19 EU)

Save files, access a larger library of stylesheets, codes and extra facilities.

FREE search engine optimized website content management software

CSS wizard and all its resources are free with Pure SEO CMS.

The two programs are designed to work together and Pure SEO CMS also has a full free version.

Download the free SEO CMS

Donate a design and get everything for FREE

Why not send us one of your designs and if it's good enough we'll include it in our libraries and give you a full copy of our program for free.

Example website designs

Website designs created with CSS Wizard and Pure SEO CMS software.

Please let us know about your sites.

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