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Page layout properties


Scalable design

Floating width

Fixed width

pageframe ID



leftarea ID

10em, float left

170px, float left

170px, float left

centerarea iD

36em, float right

Design issues followed

Standard menus are DIV layout rather than lists. We find these more reliable cross browser and allow better control of widths, heights and backgrounds for menu buttons. Lists are allowed and we have provided limited examples.

A blank table wrapper is provided around the article text as a safeguard against problems,with IE6. You can remove this if your site still looks OK in IE6 without it.

Quite often we provide an if statement you can link to a separate spreadsheet purely for IE6 bugs. The position relative in the pageframe and article picture can effer the IE6 peekabo bug.

Tips for using CSS Wizard

Side button sizes are controlled in the button setup. Only the margins (gap between buttons) are controlled by the menubox areas.

To switch between HTML and XHTML templates you must restart from section one.

For single colour templates only colour the body or page back. Leave the other areas blank so they are transparent.

If you don't need to use a particular page area, make the height small and colour blank so that it does not show.

If you edit a custom code include you must save it as the default.txt file for it to be used.

Navigate quickly between sections using the bottom sequence chain but beware that this may not save all changes.

Right click on the content in the positioning frame to edit the code and add your own customisation.

To create a custom dummy page based on the code added to the 'codeinclude' files you can modify the dummypagecode.txt and dummypagetext.txt files in the 'designfiles' directory. The code is replaced with the text in the final dummy page.

Don't forget to check your site in all of the major browsers.

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