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General overview

CSS wizard builds website designs from many small sections of code. Adding your own elements or re-importing previously created template or stylesheets will give you an ever increasing library.

All base files are saved in the designfiles directory in the directory where the program is installed.

Base file categories are:-

  • DOC TYPE headers - selected by check boxes in step 1
  • TEMPLATE shells - selected by the layout buttons in step 1
  • CODEINCLUDES - all detail codes for the page are added by dragging the bars in step 2. Right clicking on these bars will display and allow you to save new codes. ONLY the default code is built into the page but you can make any code the default.
  • STYLELAYOUT - Master layout is selected with template at step 1 but can be changed at step 3. DON'T switch between master layout 1 and 2 etc.
  • STYLECOLOR - Basic colour schemes, step 3
  • STYLETEXT - Text size etc, step 3.
  • DUMMYPAGECODE - These tags are placed within templates by the codeinclude text and then replaced by the dummypagetext when the sample pages are created.

Page syntax

CSS Wizard requires certain DIV names and coresponding stylesheet class or ID names to be used. The program searches for these names to modify their properties. For this reason non CSS Wizard generated files probably will not work. However, if you hand code or adapt previously generated templates or stylesheets then you should be able to re-import them into CSS Wizard to use again.

Save new files in the designfiles directories for them to always appear OR import at step 3 for one off use.

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